International Financial Reporting Standards

We offer a wide range of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) services with the benefit of practical experience accumulated from working with
clients on IFRS issues over a number of years. In addition to accounting experts, our IFRS team comprises business valuers, corporate financiers and those
with industry-specific knowledge, who provide proactive, practical and timely responses to your IFRS queries.

To help meet your IFRS needs, we have established the IFRS Champions who meet to discuss leading edge developments on IFRS and to share experiences arising
from their IFRS work.

IFRS services include:
• IFRS conversion projects;
• Advice on adapting processes, data, and systems for IFRS;
• Technical accounting advice and support tools;
• Due diligence in an IFRS environment;
• Review of IFRS compliant financial statements;
• IFRS technical assistance and training;
• Industry specific IFRS technical advice and support tools;
• Valuation and impairment testing; and
• Assistance in the preparation of IFRS accounting manuals IFRS compliant statements and implementation.